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Glantus Holdings – how about this one then?

7th June 2021

It has expanded at a compound annual growth rate of 81% between 2018 to 2020.

It has only been on the market for less than one month and its shares are now trading at over a 7% discount to its oversubscribed IPO price.

Its Directors and Management own some 55% of the group’s equity.

It is currently only capitalised at £35m, yet its NOMAD and house broker values it at £56m.

It has over 300 customers worldwide, served by its offices in Dublin, London, Katowice and San Jose.

It services its clients in over 50 countries globally and helps them to protect a $1 trillion spend.

Now £10m IPO funded it has good cash balances to push it forward on its strong growth strategy.


Yes of course it is.

Oh, and by the way, it enjoys a staggering 89% ARR.

Make the data simpler

Only set up seven years ago Glantus Holdings (LON:GLAN) has already sought out and acquired four companies to strengthen its product offer.

Glantus was founded to solve data problems experienced by all enterprises at scale.

The company’s mission is to simplify data to drive constant innovation.

It states that it is “creating a world in which data is the differentiator for creating lasting impact and a catalyst for progressive and practical opportunities to succeed. Data flows seamlessly informing strategy and driving new levels of efficiency. Frictionless vendor interactions, enable agility, improve margins, and create new business opportunities.”

Get the money in

It is a provider of ‘Accounts Payable’ automation and analytics solutions.

The award-winning Glantus Data Platform provides an end-to-end AP solution that layers onto existing systems eliminating cost and delivering new revenue streams.

Growing global customer list

It numbers some 50 large groups as clients, they take in major brand names and several Fortune 500 companies.

Some of the better known top names within its customer ranks, include the London Metal Exchange, Grainger, Europcar, Abbott, Diageo, Aramark, TMobile, International Airlines group, MAAS Aviation, Interflora, PaddyPower, Sherry Fitzgerald, Parker, easyJet, GPC, Parker, ZF, hydrogen, vice, Botany Weaving, GPC Global Sourcing, Tata, Thrifty Car and Van Rental, Choice Housing, CombiLift, Marbank Construction, Arkphire, Gannon Homes, McCarthy Insurance Group, Dennison Commercials, MicroWarehouse, PRO14, Goodman Masson, Castleton Technologies, USP College, Aspire, the list is really quite impressive for such an, as yet, small company.

Big strategic plans

However, Glantus has big aspirations and coming to the market to help fund its strategy and also widen its share ownership is just a first step.

The company has 36,275,431 shares in issue. Some 58.4% of its shares are not held in public hands.

Larger holders include Amati AIM VCT (8.11%), Octopus AIM VCT (4.86%), and Octopus AIM VCT 2 (3.24%).

Could be a ‘quick mover’

Despite its size I actually think that it has some ‘legs’ to move quite quickly.

Analysts Alex DeGroote and Manjot Heer at brokers Arden Partners rate the company’s shares as a ‘buy’, with a price objective of 140p per share.

The last year to end December 2020 saw the company reported sales of €8.2m and made an adjusted pre-tax loss of €0.3m.

For the current year the brokers are going for €11.4m of sales, €1.5m profits, worth 3.3c per share in earnings. While 2022 could see revenues up to €15.6m, doubled profits at €3m, with earnings of 6.4c per share.

The 2023 year is estimated to show through with €20.3m generating €5.5m in pre-tax profits, giving 11.9c per share in earnings.

My View

Looking at those estimates it becomes fairly clear that the brokers have recognised the company’s growth potential when they created their aim for the price of the shares.

Early last month the company raised £10m through an oversubscribed Placing @ 102p a share. It also did an existing holder Placing of £4m.

They have been as high as 107p since then before easing back to the current 94.5p, at which level the shares have good growth attractions over the next couple of years.

I now set a Target Price of 120p, which could be achieved fairly quickly as investors start to become aware of the newcomer (with a magical 89% ARR).


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