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CAP-XX – increased sale prospects will help to take it into profits

This little £21m company is a world leader in the designs and manufacture of thin, prismatic supercapacitors and energy management systems.

With very high-power density and high energy storage capacity, these systems are used in portable and small-scale electronic devices, as well as in larger uses in automotive and renewable energy.

Improved sales pipeline

The group’s results for the year to end June saw product sales revenues up by 44%, while overall its revenues advanced 36%, while margins were up 43% on last year.

Very encouragingly the company has reported that its sales pipeline was up some $10m, to over $60m per annum.

Its EBITDA loss was A$0.5m, which was broadly in line with last year’s A$0.4m.

Driving into profits

CEO Anthony Kongats, stated that:

"The major focus for CAP-XX continues to be to become profitable and cashflow positive as soon as possible by increasing product sales from the newly installed former Murata production equipment, other new product families the Company recently launched and new products and intellectual property the Company is currently developing. We look forward to the future with increasing confidence."

Analyst opinion

John-Marc Bunce at Cenkos Securities rates the group’s shares as a Buy, with a valuation of 14p a share.

For the current year to end June he estimates A$8.3m (A$5.6m) and an adjusted pre-tax loss of just A$0.1m (A$1.4m).

But for the next year he sees A$14.3m of sales and A$3.6m of profits, worth A$0.7c per share in earnings.

He calls the shares as significantly undervalued.

Insider dealings look interesting

A number of the group’s directors have recently taken new shares in place of their salaries, which is an interesting pointer of their faith in its prospects, the swap price was pegged at 5.54p per share.


Having recently fallen back with the general market the group’s shares have risen to 4.15p on the back of the confident talk of early profits.

At that level they look to be a very appealing ‘penny stock’ investment taking a one-year view.


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