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Record - certainly looking dynamic now

The Q2 Trading Update from this specialist currency manager reported that its assets under management equivalents were up 4% to a stunning $65.9bn as at the end of September.

Revenues for the full year to end March 2021 are expected to have fallen back from £25.6m to £24.9m, while pre-tax profits are likely to decrease £1.2m to £6.5m, worth 2.7p per share in earnings, but still covering a 2.3p dividend.

For the end March 2022 year revenues could jump to £28.7m with profits of £8.9m, giving 3.65p of earnings and a 2.3p dividend per share.

The shares dropped 2p to 41.5p, which is 3.5p lower than their peak achieved a week ago.

Hold tight they will be going back up again soon.

(Profile 20.08.20 @35p set a Target Price of 44p*)


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