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She is so right !!!!!

Yesterday lunchtime saw the postman (a dying breed?) delivering a stack of Christmas cards to my house. 

After all the various Yuletide pleasantries were considered one note stood out and made me smile. 


“And so to more pertinent issues”, wrote the lady sender, “the country has gone to the dogs. All politicians lie through their teeth and cannot be trusted. The Lords needs to be abolished and goodness know how we handle the migrant situation.”  

She continued “We with all our friends (our age, of course) are of the same opinion … we had the best years although, having said that, we’re all frightened to pick-up the phone if we don’t recognise the number – so we don’t and daren’t click on anything in blue ink in case it’s a scam – which more than likely it is – really scary! “ 

That lovely lady is absolutely spot on with her comments, and I am sure that she had plenty more that were not with the card. 

Sad isn’t it? 

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