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Sureserve Group - Slater Investments add more to their share stake

That man Holt never stops.

Bob Holt, chairman of this compliance and energy services group, a month ago announced a bullish Post year-end Trading Update, declaring continued strong performance by the business and an encouraging forward visibility.

Well now he has managed to help a long-term holder of his equity to dispose of a holding, while welcoming the further purchases of Sureserve equity by Slater Investments, who have taken their holding in the group up from 10.19% to 12.12%, then up to 15.0% within the last week.

The group’s finals to end September should be announced in just over two months.

Its shares, which have been up to 57p in the last few months, they are now around just 51p after a recent dip to 47p – I just know that they are going higher in 2021.

I still have 70p in my mind.

(Profile 14.01.20 @ 36p set a Target Price of 50p*)


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