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And now more ways of making your money work for you…… 

Ten Entertainment Group ((LON:TEG) – the Texans are coming 

In late March this year I stated that the shares of this social entertainment centres group, then trading at 281.5p on less than 9 times pe and yielding a handsome 5.1%, were for buying. 

Analysts Anna Barnfather and Nishant Dahad at Liberum Capital were extremely keen on the stock, looking for 400p a share in due course. 

Well, anyone who followed up on these comments will obviously have been delighted to see the $4bn Texas-based private equity outfit Trive Capital Partners making an agreed near £300m bid for the group. 

Their acquisition vehicle, Neon Buyer, is paying 412.5p a share in cash for TEG. 

This looks set to go through very quickly, giving holders some extra funds to play with as we head into 2024. 

My suggestion, as always, is to take the immediate cash being bid by the market, last night at 408p, and reinvest as fast as possible – there really are so many money-making opportunities out there which could be missed just waiting for a few pennies difference. 

(Profile 02.10.20 @ 135p set a Target Price at 170p*) 

Porvair (LON:PRV) – 700p in 2024? 

Yesterday’s Trading Update for the year to the end of November from this company saw the shares touch 640p in reaction. 

The £290m capitalised group of specialist filtration, laboratory and environmental technology businesses design and manufacture a range of bespoke consumable filtration products that are used in a range of niche filtration markets.   

Operating within three divisions: Aerospace & Industrial; Laboratory; and Metal Melt Quality, it has experienced stronger demand in its aerospace, petrochemical and water markets but that has been offset by de-stocking in laboratory and industrial consumable markets. 

The group, which will be announcing its results for 2023 on Monday 5th February 2024, has been enjoying record order books. 

The group’s shares hit 700p last February and could well head back up there again next year. 

They closed last night at 610p. 

(Profile 05.10.20 @ 510p set a Target Price of 600p*) 

Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings (LON:AML) – motoring luxuriously into 2024? 

The shares of this iconic luxury car maker were down to 200p a month ago. 

It really is proving to be a cracking dealing stock for avid screen watchers. 

They were up to 244p by the end of November. 

After falling back to 220p earlier this week, they have since recovered somewhat, such that by last night the shares closed at 233.60p. 

This is all very interesting, especially considering that we have not had any items of corporate news from the company issued within the last month, nor even any share stake changes. 

The full-year 2023 results are due to be announced on Wednesday 28th February 2024, between now and then the shares will trade a great deal higher (in my opinion). 

(Profile 10.05.23 @ 213.5p set a Target Price of 265p*) 

SRT Marine Systems (LON:SRT) – the buyers are returning 

Yesterday I noticed that in a much busier dealing counter the shares of this group topped at 46.55p before closing 2.75p better at 45p. 

SRT develops, manufactures and supplies maritime tracking technology and turn-key system solutions to marine stakeholders across the globe with a particular expertise in AIS.  

The company's products and solutions are used by individual vessel owners, port authorities, maritime infrastructure owners, coast guards and national security agencies to enhance their maritime domain awareness.  

Applications include the tracking of commercial and leisure vessels; sustainable fishery; illegal fishing detection; law enforcement; anti-collision; search and rescue; waterway management, port and coast security; pollution management; and environmental management. 

Analysts Kimberley Carstens and Michael Hill at Cavendish Capital rate highly the group’s shares, pitching for 100p a share in due course. 

They see the £0.3m loss of last year turning into a massive £7.2m profit in the current year to end March 2024, worth 3.8p in earnings per share. 

For the coming year they go for £11.8m profits, worth 6.2p in earnings. 

Regular readers will know just how keen I am on these shares, I am convinced that its potential will shine through glaringly in 2024 (mark my words). 

Check out my Profile piece on the company on the 13th September  

(Profile 14.09.20 @ 39.5p set a Target Price of 50p*) 

(Profile 07.02.22 @ 47p set a Target Price of 60p*) 

(Asterisks * denote that Target Prices have been achieved since Profile publication) 


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